Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, One Degree of Separation
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Hot Topic Monday with Cathy Gent

 Topics will include:

  1. Financial Health While Sheltering In: How to pivot your businesses and finances in the midst of a global pandemic.

  2. Investment Strategies: 401K & Pensions

  3. Tips to Stay Focused and Survive!

Lisa interviews Yusef Wateef in this special edition of HOT Topics.

ODOS Synergy Services founder Lisa Riley interviews Yusef Wateef about investing in digital currencies.

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Blockchain, Bitcoin, and what these mean to the future of finance.

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The time has come for African-Americans to come to terms with their abusive relationship with America and decide if they will stay and accept their place in society as less-than, keep fighting a losing battle or relocate to another country. Since many African-Americans feel they will never accumulate enough disposable cash to leave the country, the author has devised a blueprint to true freedom from the abusive hold that America has had on African-Americans for centuries.J. Freedom, is a historian, social scientist, scholar, and African American who has survived the abuses of the United States and, more importantly, found her freedom, health, and peace outside of the United States.

Cathy Jackson-Gent provides instruction about how to avoid such financial mishaps. She represents a kind of public intellectual, a field that is top-heavy with those aim is to change the attitudes of millions of Whites about race. Such public intellectuals, religious and secular, perform a service. But Cathy is telling Blacks how to survive in a time when the attitude towards Blacks held by the Democratic Party is benign neglect and that of the Republican Party is benign extermination, which explains Katrina and Flint.

Bitcoin and Black America is a dynamic new book that explores the synergy between black economics, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology. The global financial system is changing and the digital revolution will not be televised. Explore how to incorporate Bitcoin into your business, job, and educational institution.