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"Rona" Thoughts By Our Founder

The Rona Pandemic has set us on our global toes on so many levels pertaining to health, economics, politics. It has shown us our commonalities around the world. It has also opened our eyes to so many opportunities requiring us to decolonize our minds, reconstruct, and pivot the way we have been doing things personally and in our businesses.

In the midst of sheltering in (which I heard was a prison term) and the heroic essential personnel on the front lines, small businesses and entrepreneurs are in economic shock at the lack of government oversight of the Cares Act grants and loans. And the fact that a significant number of corporate entities received a large bulk of the $350 Billion dollars is beyond distressing.

Who are the real taxpayers? So now what? What is your action plan? Your contingency plan? Are you going to reapply for the grant or loan you did not get? Or are you waiting for the government to bail you out?

Let’s challenge ourselves. If you had a contingency plan, what would you do differently than expect the government to correct the boo boo? The question is how do we get your power back after a system established to help us survive the pandemic has failed us.

Let’s begin to explore these options over the next few weeks.

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