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I joined ODOS to support the vision of economic prosperity and sharing of knowledge with Women of Color that will support their success as Entrepreneurs.

As a Banker with over 30 years of experience, I have had the pleasure of meeting women in the ODOS network that from various industries that are subject matter experts in field. We share valuable knowledge and enlighten each other as a sisterhood without all of the pettiness. We are a resource for each other.

This year’s ODOS conference was a success with a number of industry panelists. I met some beautiful women inside and out that have become my friends. There are weekly zoom meetings and the featured speakers are awesome. Lisa Riley is well connected and is always looking for resources to share and support the growth of women owned businesses. She has done a great job at pivoting during COVID-19 to continue providing and highlighting guest speakers and sharing of information.

If you are a womenpreneur looking for a network to support, engage and motivate you to achieve your dreams and grow your business, ODOS is it.

We thank Helen for sharing this testimonial with us. If you would like to know how to connect with Helen, please drop us a note with your contact info and we will pass it along to her.

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