• ODOS Staff

Are You Ready? - A Message from Our Founder

Sisterhood, We are in a digital economy and ever-moving society. If we do not pivot now, we will be left behind. Now is the time to wipe your tears, roll up your sleeves and fight ....figuratively for your economic freedom. Wipe away the toxic mindset, fear, anxiety, and attitudes and replace them with faith, confidence, hope, and perseverance. Use this time to heal, and gain clarity. Then prepare yourself for the economic paradigm shift! We in the Sisterhood are natural-born shapeshifters and pivoters... shifting babies, jobs, husbands, boyfriends, clothing, hairstyles, shoes, bills, we pivot as cooks and chefs, we manage other peoples lives and issues daily. Now it is your time! Do you hear me? Maybe I am talking to myself! Are you ready to shift and pivot to the next level?

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